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"still cry sometimes" by Eva Grace Cuts Deep With Relatability

Eva Grace's newest release “still cry sometimes” swept into the music world on April 27th with a deeply-felt tune that has been echoing in our minds.

"still cry sometimes" cover art

Toxic relationships have become almost a commonplace experience. Unfortunately, most people will have one at some point in their lives. The red flags are not often talked about enough - fighting every day, gaslighting, excessive emotions surrounding the relationship. Many listeners who have experienced a relationship with these traits will relate to the details in Eva Grace’s “still cry sometimes”.

She highlights the trapped feeling of a bad relationship through deeply emotional lyrics. Her lyrics state, “There’s no drug that can get me high enough to forget the ways you messed me up”. Though a breakup can sometimes be a liberation, the end of a painful relationship can continue a ripple effect of emotion, loss, and the challenging task of rebuilding yourself.

Listeners may relate to the “drowning” Eva Grace describes in this song. It is a drowning in memories, unmet wishes, and unfulfilled dreams. It is a suffocating sensation from a relationship that pulls you underwater and leaves you tired and tear-stained.

The echoing of “still cry sometimes” isn’t just a result of the lyrics, but of the literal sound and stye of the song. Eva Grace’s softly controlled voice introduces it with a subtle echo. The techno pop form serves the single well, providing the sense of a sad, but catchy, dream harvested in the world of the song.

The trendy cover of the single is a neon colored, graphic art piece of a pool of tears pasted with a photo of her. Even the title of “still cry sometimes” sits in the trendy lower-case lettering that resembles a text message one might send to an ex - and with such accurate lyrics, you could send this song to your toxic ex and it’ll say everything you’ve been wanting to.


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