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  • Faith Williams

Cody Howell is Taking us to the "High Life"

It’s not often you hear a song and think, “I could have a beer with this guy,” but Cody Howell carries his friendly nature across effortlessly in his newest single. “High Life” is his love letter to clocking out and having a good night after a long day. 

“I’ve been working this job for the past three years… blood, sweat, and beers,” sings Howell, welcoming the listener into the song like an old friend. The grit and depth to his voice immediately set an atmosphere: it’s easy to believe this guy’s ready for the weekend, and that he would make it fun. 

It’s a catchy tune to sing along to, written by someone who knows and understands hard work. Cody Howell served in the United States Navy for seven years before moving to Nashville to pursue music full time; his songs pull from his personal experience, and it shows: “This song is for the nine to fivers and the overnighters… it’s a little bit of that grass is greener on the other side mentality”. 

In a world of Country that’s increasingly cluttered with inauthenticity, it’s refreshing to see a native small town Kansan showing their roots with pride. He’s quickly gained traction in Nashville, having appeared as a background vocalist on Dolly Parton’s highly anticipated rock album, Rockstar. “High Life” is the latest release of much more to come as his debut album is in the works. 

“High Life” is available now on all streaming platforms. Follow Cody @codyhowellcountry everywhere, and find more information about him and his story at . 


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