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Exclusive Chat With Chris Hollacheck About Musical Influences & New Single

What are your thoughts on trends in music?

I feel like they can be very random and spontaneous at times, which can be very time consuming to study, so I just try to stay in my own lane when it come to my music

Do you follow any trends when it comes to your music?

If I understand a trend, maybe. But otherwise I don’t worry about them too much.

What trends do you try to stay away from?

I’ve learned to respect all forms of music and styles of particular genres, so I’m not one to judge on someone else’s way of making music. I have shifted towards a more modern country sound in my past couple of songs, but I try not to sound too pop country and keep a traditional country sound in my music. At the end of the day evolution is key!

Forming your own self as an artist can be difficult. How do you make sure you don't get caught up with replicating another artist?

I think staying independent has helped with this issue. I can sound however I want to because of that!

Influence is important though, who are the influences you pull from?

Johnny Cash, Aland Jackson, and Eric Church are my main three

Do you ever get compared to an artist?

I have had people say my music reminds them of Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, or Josh Turner, which are huge compliments!

How do you want to trend in music?

I want to create my own path and stay true to myself, relate to people and lift them up. I grew up deep in the woods so I’m used to creating my own paths haha!

What is your latest and greatest that you want to talk about with your music?

My new single “Remind Me Of You” is an upbeat sad song that helps pump people up to accept and let go of their ex in a healthy manner so that they can move on to better people!

Learning more and more from each project you do, what has been the most invaluable experience as of late?

Don’t write for streams or radio play, write from the heart.

Give us your favorite thing trending now that has nothing to do with music but makes you smile!

Law Of Attraction

Leave us all your music here so our audience can smile too!


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