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Exclusive Chat With Gabi Ammirato About Music's Impact On Our Culture

Bottom line is music is the universal language of the World so let’s use it for good

We love your MUSIC! Tell us what kind of trend you want to make with your music?

I want to influence a trend of songs that speak to current day themes conveying a story with messaging that puts more positivity in the World. It has been a tough couple of years and today’s World feels more isolated and negative than ever in my life. I see a lot of narcissism, superficiality, and divisiveness today. When we focus on “me” we end up stuck and doing nothing about the things that matter like saving the planet, promoting inclusiveness and the normalization of speaking about our mental health. I want to use my music to promote viewing ourselves as a connected human community capable of great things. I want my music to speak to the important themes in our World today in a way that people can relate to and see a way to positively engage in creating the better World we all want.

What are the trends you want to stay away from when it comes to your music?

I want to avoid the temptation to try to stand out by being provocative and vulgar to leverage the “shock” value. I want to avoid trying to use a formula to hit a Top 100 list and to measure my value by the number of followers I can get. You see a lot of people getting opportunities to become “famous” with these strategies but in the end does that music last and does it have a positive effect on our World? I don’t want to be afraid to address any theme or issue in my music, but I want to do it in a genuine, meaningful, and impactful way. I want to convey allyship with the groups fighting for their rights and to be seen, heard, and valued without assuming that I know what it means to be a member of that community. How do I stand with them and help spread their message without co-opting their mission and agenda? Bottom line is music is the universal language of the World so let’s use it for good.

Can you tell us the genre of music you are most interested in making?

I am interested in a World that is emerging where genres cease to exist, at least as we know them today. To me they feel like boxes to be put in if you are not careful. I am interested in allowing a song to emerge as it is meant to be and not try to “fit” it into a genre. In a World organized by genre that makes life hard. So, when I describe myself I use a number of genres to create my “mix” including pop, a bit of Folk, jazz and R&B tones and feel, and a singer songwriter perspective or vibe.

Do you think you want to explore other genres?

Absolutely. Being knowledgeable of other genres gives you enhanced perspective and new tools. Hip Hop is a genre that doesn't come naturally to me, while my brother lives for it. I made a point at Berklee to take Hip Hop songwriting and other courses like Turntable where I was out of my comfort zone, so I felt awkward and not worthy. This allowed me to really grow and gleam new facets to add to my music. While it is not Hip Hop perse there is a verse in Lesson To Learn that leans towards the cadence of Hip Hop. So, my music is enhanced because I love to color outside the lines and “blend and bend” genres to create the sound I am looking for and being educated about lots of genres is a great asset. Also, songs can be reimagined in different genres and the same impactful story can reach a broader audience. Pop and Country are two that I feel can be crossed between as Taylor Swift showed the World. You must be always learning and growing so exploring other genres is key.

Has your confidence ever been shaken? How did you overcome it?

For sure! That is why the best piece of advice I ever received was to “get back up one more time than you get knocked down” and “always believe in yourself”. I have been told “No” so many more times than I have been told “yes” and each time shook my confidence. I wondered why I was not good enough, and if I should just go in another direction. However, each time my confidence was shaken it was eventually strengthened. What I did to overcome it was to let myself “sit with it” and reflect on it. I gave myself the time and grace to really ponder what it meant. Ultimately I have learned that I have to know who I am, what I stand for and be committed to being true to that. If who I am is not right for this opportunity then it is a waste of time to pursue it, move on to the opportunity that is the right fit for you. Each time you learn something about yourself and where you want to be. There is a saying “what is meant for you will always find you” and what is not for you doesn’t serve you well so let it go. The key is to stay in the game with confidence and move on to find those things meant to give you the success you are seeking and deserve.

What are you expecting to conquer next with your music?

I am working on my next EP as we speak, and I am always conquering new themes. I look for the themes in my life that I think matter to the World and others can relate to so that is always providing new things to conquer. Doing it with a positive mindset and disposition is my ultimate goal. I am also potentially moving to add another dimension to my music by pursuing a Master’s in Musical Theater Writing. I adore Broadway where acting, music and dance come together to tell amazing stories. I also am enamored with the new contemporary Broadway we are seeing in Hamilton, Dear Evan Hanson, Jagged Little Pill, and others. I grew up with exposure to Broadway but not being a big belter, I shied away from it and now contemporary music has nested itself right in the middle of it. So, while I love writing songs, combining them in a show that can influence the World on important topics and themes seems so worthwhile. That may well be my new adventure. Of course I have BIG dreams so writing for myself, other artists and Film & TV will remain in my plans as well.

Tell us where we can cheer on more of your success? YouTube: Gabi Ammirato Instagram: gabi_ammirato_ (personal) and gabiammirato (music) Facebook: Gabi Ammirato Website: Spotify/ Apple Music/ Soundcloud: Gabi Ammirato


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