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Exclusive Interview with R&B Artist and designer Sydney Ranee

We love One Night Only! Tell us what kind of trend you want to make with your new music?

Thank you! I just want my new music to make people feel good. I want it to be an escape for the listener. What are the trends you want to stay away from when it comes to the single? I want to make music that is timeless and I feel like today's music is only chasing numbers/streams. I definitely want to stay away from that. Can you tell us the genre of the single that fans can look forward to hearing? The genre of the next single is definitely R&B/Soul but it has elements of Pop to it. It's a fun tune. Do you think you want to explore other genres? Oh absolutely. I love rock, jazz and latin music. I would love to explore more of one of those styles. Has your confidence ever been shaken during the making of the single? How did you overcome it? All the time. I feel so vulnerable and nervous every time I release new music. The way I overcome it is by just shaking away the nerves and just putting it out there. Is there anything that is trending right now in music that you're following? Not really. I tend to not follow many trends. What are you expecting to conquer next with your latest music? I would love to reach a broader audience and would love to get my next single placed on either a TV show or movie. Tell us where we can cheer on more of your success? You can follow me on social media as well as all digital music platforms. A one stop shop for this is my website


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