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  • Erin Merimonti

Presley Tennant Writes Valentine's Day Anthem

Presley Tennant's fiery sweet love ballad, “How Many Kisses” is the perfect song to blast while you are getting ready for your special Valentine’s night. Either going out with your valentine or with the girls, this song perfectly fits the Valentine’s vibe. Follow Presley and get dressed up in your favorite hot pink lipstick and have a night dedicated to love.

Anyone who has ever experienced having "butterflies and up all nights" or want to, must listen to this hot love track. Pull that person close and never let them go and see how many kisses it takes for you to fall in love.

This song was inspired by the famous saying "how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop." Presley wanted to know "How Many Kisses" it takes to actually know what love is. Tennant wonders, "How many nights do you stay up talking until the sun rises? How many times do you get butterflies when you’re around this person?" How many kisses until you get to the center of your crushes heart?

Presley also released new super cute "How Many Kisses" merchandise along with merch for her other songs. A pink hoodie or cute t-shirt? Yes please! You can shop all things Presley on her website.

Presley's unique California-Country makes for a perfect Valentine's melody. "How Many Kisses" is one of 6 new songs from her EP, 600 Miles. This EP is all about life and love and all things in between, relating to so many. She is a fast rising country star who is paving her own way in country music.

Learn more about Presley and her upcoming projects at and follow her socials @PresleyTennant! Watch "How Many Kisses" audio visualizer below to get in the Valentine's spirit.


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