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  • Casey Buckley

Paramore Releases Their 6th Album "This is Why'

After disappearing from the spotlight and exploring solo projects, Paramore has released their 6th studio album This Is Why on Feb 10th, 2023. The Nashville based band did not hold back with revealing their emotion of social problems and what life is like post-pandemic. The album bounces back and fourth with fluttering emotions of rage, disassociation, nostalgia, and acceptance.

To share the love that this album created, Paramore decided to host a release show at the Grand Ole Opry on Feb 7th as a charming gesture for their dedicated fans after the elongated wait. Selling out in minutes, they put on a crushing production performing the songs they have cherished to play live as a debut with their devoted fanbase

Paramore is no stranger when it comes to sarcastic humor during their creative writing process. Singer Hayley Williams, admits that ‘Running Out of Time’, the new single for the album, is solely a roast to herself for being unorganized. She self-disclosed in an interview with Zane Lowe that this track was inspired by Taylor Swift when both pop-stars were living in Nashville at the time and would hang out. Hayley was shocked to see how organized Taylor Swift was and it self-reflected on how unorganized Hayley is and came together beautifully to write a song purely about always being late. Paramore uses their funk and pop influences to have all these stories come together for another smashing hit album This Is Why yet again.


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