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  • Shannon McNaughton

MERLIN finds confidence and self-worth through the release of EP, ’Dark Matters’

It’s about moments where I felt I was floating out in space where no one could see or hear me.

MERLIN uses emotional life encounters to fuel the crafting of heartfelt songs in her EP, Dark Matters. Used as a healing mechanism, MERLIN shed’s light on past experiences and encounters that had lasting effects.

The Albanian native wrote three songs, “Spiral,” “Can’t Touch This,” and “I Owe You” that make up the EP, Dark Matters. Each song embodies rich lyrics to animate self-worth and identity. “Every track I’ve been working on till this point has been a mode of healing,” reveals MERLIN. “Things came to the surface and out of the dark to be illuminated. I sing about parts of my life where I felt like I was surrounded by nothing, an absence of light and love.”

The singer draws on her Albanian culture by creating an edgy pop sounds that fits the aesthetic and vision of the EP. The entire project was fueled by venerability that MERLIN reveals throughout the track. “Healing isn’t linear but I know my path forward, even if it’s just the next step. I’m letting the universe figure out the rest.”

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