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  • Casey Buckley

Luke Combs Takes Over WildHorse Saloon

Huge storm coming as it is getting closer to the rebranding of Nashville’s unstoppable bar WildHorse Saloon to now become a Luke Combs bar as an ode for him. There are no names planned yet for the change of the bar, however the present building will be turning into 69,000 sq ft, celebrating his career. Combs honestly stated “it’s a little bit scary” in regards to the bar. He went on to explain how he has “been approached over the years to collaborate with other companies. I have always been good about being patient and wanting to wait until the right opportunity came along.”

Combs has always known that if he was going to collaborate with anyone, he would want to put his name on a bar teaming up with Opry Entertainment Group, as where Luke Combs is a member of The Grand Ole Opry.

The bar is going to include an infamous Honkytonk, a beer bar, and even a significant spot for bachelorettes. It is expected to be super iconic with new features that aren’t previously apart of the WildHorse Saloon that will help rebuild the demographic and attract a bunch of different crowds for a very exciting environment. The bar will also be themed after his hit single “Hurricane”.

Fans can be expected to have the bar redone and “Hurricane” approved by 2024.


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