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Listen to Lindsey's New Single "Don't Let Them In"

Lindsey is back again with a hot new single “Don’t Let Them In”. The aspiring artist has released a track with an edgy, dark twist along with pop influence. If you love blasting music during quiet hours with aesthetic lights, this track is for you. Whether crawling into bed, or getting ready for a fun night out, this track will definitely get you pumped up or in your feelings. Put on some dark lipstick, or light a candle, and follow Lindsey through her journey.

Anyone who has ever felt insecure with thoughts and fight with a mess inside your head must listen to this tense song.

Lindsey is an advocate for mental health and is passionate for self-help awareness. She expresses the doubtful feelings of anxiety and the self-reflection of overthinking in her new song “Don’t Let Them In”. With her gloomy and mysterious lyrics of darkness, she still extracts the pleasant meaning of overcoming negative thoughts.

Learn more about Lindsey and what she has next at and follow her instagram @Lindseyrockss!


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