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Kingsley Collection X Event Cosmetics, a Creative Combination of Music and Beauty

Artistry goes hand in hand with using the physical world to bring imagery to the metaphorical. Musical artist and entrepreneur, Kingsley, expertly uses her music to inspire her business and vice versa. She recently launched a lipstick collaboration with Event Cosmetics that pulls inspiration from her album Crying On Holidays. The three shades of lipstick are named after three singles on her album. For Kingsley, this is a way to express herself through body and beauty.

"Therapy" Lipstick on Kingsley

“As an indie pop artist, I get to use my body and face as a medium to bridge the gap of imagery and my music,” states the Chicago-native. “I love being able to play and express myself physically; it adds another beautiful layer to the vastness of my music!”

The collaboration was born during the time of the pandemic when Kingsley’s music profession was hard-hit. Coincidentally, so was Katherine’s, an Event Cosmetics shop owner. As their friendship began to unfold, so did the idea for a creative project utilizing both of their passions for art and beauty.

Three Kingsley Collection X Event Cosmetics lipstick shades

Most musical artists have other passions and talents that they rarely get to share. Kingsley's lipstick collaboration allows her to explore fashion and beauty in concordance with her music. It's like a friendly gift to her audience who can envision the feeling of a song based on the shade and look of the lipstick corresponding to it. Like a matching game or playing dress-up, this idea is a whole lot of creative fun.

Check out the lipstick set here!

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