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  • Bryn Keeney

Kel Adore: We're All "Still A Child"

With her latest single “Still A Child,’ pop artist Kel Adore admits that she is in fact still a child at heart. And aren’t we all?

“Found a home video I took of myself back when I was eight. Singing about all the dreams that I had and I just couldn’t wait. All of my young insecurities written all over my face. Since then I’ve learned how to hide them, now I keep them buried away.”

As we grow older, we all tend to act like we have our entire lives put together. And with social media we have the power to make people believe we actually do.

“I make ‘em all say ‘man, she’s got her act together’ but they don’t know the storms I weather alone.”

As we establish the inaccuracy of the ‘perfect’ life that many of us portray, we can start admitting that, like Adore, we are all still children at heart, and we do make mistakes. Nobody knows someone else’s full story and sometimes it’s easier to weather storms alone, but that doesn’t mean that we have to make it look like we are always perfectly put together.

The message of Adore’s latest single is pure and encourages her fans to just live their lives. She celebrates our inner youthful spirit and optimistic resilience and shows that no matter the age, we are all just kids at heart with plenty of growth and learning still to come.



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