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Singer/songwriter and fashion designer talks on her passion for her music

We love how fabulous you are with how you just make everything work from your music to your style! It all connects! How did you achieve this?

Thank you so much!! Music has always been that thread that ties everything together for me, so whatever I’m listening to or writing influences my personal style and my designs.

What are you grinding out right now in the studio?

I’m working on a new single! It’s a different vibe from my upcoming album, but I love changing and exploring new sounds. I’ve gone through a few pages developing the core story of the song, and finally feel a strong connection to it. Some days the lyrics come so naturally, other days you find yourself writing in circles. I think that’s why I find the whole process so therapeutic. It’s like I’m trying to get myself to confront what I don’t want to say!

What is the focus like when you're working hard at getting your next project done?

It gets intense! I tend to live whatever emotion drives my current project. We’re also going to be shooting a music video for my next single, Pieces of a Broken Heart, from my upcoming album, Yours Always. I’m so looking forward to this! I’ve been wanting to shoot a music video for this album ever since I started writing the lyrics last year.

What's the imagery going to be like?
I’m taking influences from David Lynch’s movie, Blue Velvet. It’s going to be very cinematic, with shades of blue!

Are you planning on doing a live release?
I do plan to do a live release of my album, we have worked on this for so long, almost two years now. I think it’s only fair!

Are you performing anywhere in the upcoming months?
I have a gig on November 12th that will be streamed by SCENES.

What should fans be listening to right NOW? Because we love Fading Memories

You should listen to Red Light (reprise) because that includes a sexy guitar solo, I have two versions of it on my EP, Cannibal. It’s a song about the many women who were lured by false promises of stardom in Hollywood by sleezy men on the Sunset Strip, many of which were then trapped in the world of prostitution.

Social media!

And please leave us with some of your favorite magic lyrics of yours?

Awww thank you for saying that!! This is a verse from my song RED LIGHT!
Corset Teddies, Midnight Babies
Laced up with fears, of forgotten ladies Painted lips and tainted kisses
Buying them lies to get them high


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