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Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers Play the War Memorial!

On October 31st, Hobo Johnson and The Lovemakers played the War Memorial in Nashville! For the Halloween show, the entire band dressed in full costume, with Hobo Johnson dressed as a monkey, but this isn't the first time he has driven the crowd bananas!

Hobo Johnson performing at the War Memorial

Up and coming California based hip-hop singer/songwriter Hobo Johnson recently released his second full length album, "The Fall of Hobo Johnson," which chronicles Johnson's emotions through his relationships, his guilt, and the pain he has experienced throughout his life. The album is deeply personal, genuine, and relatable, especially to the Gen Z crowd. The album is an emotional amalgamation of punk, hip-hop, trap, and slam poetry. Johnson's delivery is passionate- he laughs, he cries, he screams- it is unlike any mainstream artist that is on the radio. The album deals with deep emotional topics such as guilt, depression, and suicide, but it is packaged in catchy synth beats, slick guitar riffs, and a brand of dark, existential humor that is relatable to young people today.

As for Hobo Johnson's fashion taste, his fashion style is similar to other hip hop artists. He can be seen wearing hoodies and baseball caps(as seen in the photo of him with the mannequin hand caressing his cheek). But he doesn't just wear simple hoodies, he mixes it up with buttoned-up long sleeve shirts with quirky pattens! So stylish!

As he rises in fame, could Hobo Johnson become a hip-hop fashion icon? We think so! Hobo Johnson is an artist to watch!


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