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Exclusive Interview: Juliana Hale

"I want the trend to be empowerment and confidence"

We love Dollhouse! Tell us what kind of trend you want to make with your music? Thank you! I want the trend to be empowerment and confidence. I aim to combine and explore all of the genres I enjoy, and the goal with Dollhouse was to explore hip-hop a little. What are the trends you want to stay away from when it comes to your music? I just want to make sure I stay true to myself and my values. Can you tell us the genre of music you are most interested in making? Indie pop! Do you think you want to explore other genres? Absolutely! As I stated above, that is a huge goal of mine. Crazy and Dollhouse were in the hip-hop vein. Chill was a groovy track, and my next single Hold Me out on January 28th is a lo-fi acoustic bop. I have some pop rock lined up too :) Has your confidence ever been shaken? How did you overcome it? Absolutely! Praying and talking with the great people I have around me really helps my confidence. Is there anything that is trending right now in music that you're following? I love how everyone is teasing their music on TikTok! What are you expecting to conquer next with your music?

A million streams! Tell us where we can cheer on more of your success? This link will take you to all of my socials :)

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