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Exclusive Interview: Adara

We got to chat with futuristic pop artist, Adara, about her vision for her music and some of her Nashville favorites

What and who shaped your music style?

The first thing that shaped my music style was growing up watching sci-fi with my dad. I would watch a bunch of Star Trek and another classic that I loved called,“The Day the Earth Stood Still." I also listened to your basic pop artists like Katy Perry and rock and roll like the Eagles. But yeah, cinematic scores made a huge impact on my style.

What was it that sparked your love and passion for music?

I grew up listening to tons of music. Both of my parents loved the arts and would bring me to musicals. They also put me dance at a young age. Eventually, my dad bought me a piano from an antique shop.

What do you love about the genre of music that you create?

EDM, pop, and electronic is really expansive. No sound it off limits. It's all about the production and visual experience which is a huge part of my passion.

What do you feel is unique about you and your music?

It is more than just the song for me. I’m trying to create a world. My imagination and passion for incorporating new technology is what sets me apart.

What is your favorite aspects of your music career?

My favorite is putting music and visuals together. I love creating my music video’s although it does require a large budget and a huge time investment. Performing would probably be my second because in the EDM world, live production is everything.

Biggest challenges you’ve faced in your music career?

The credibility. Especially in the EDM and pop world, you’re always competing with someone.

Favorite spot in Nashville?

The adventure science center. I love how immersive they are.

A Nashville staple that you can’t get enough of?

Patterson House. Their Cinnamon sugar donuts are a MUST.

Do you have any new and upcoming projects?

I'm currently working on a full length album. I am constantly trying to be on top of todays technology, so I'm also working on routing my music through a robot. In March, I will be putting out an EP of my biggest collaborations which will include my three songs, “Moments”, “Back Home”, and “Wild Horse.” "Moments" is my biggest collaborations, " Back Home" has won a lot of awards, and "Wild horse" is just a personal favorite.

All socials: @adaramusic


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