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"Do your own thing, right? Everybody rides their own ride."

We love your Sugar Nap EP! Tell us what kind of trend you want to make with this EP?

Thank you! With the Sugar Nap EP, I don’t know that I was intending on setting any particular trends, at least not so consciously. In fact, I think there was a definite lack of interest in following any trends from today or yesterday or tomorrow, which in a manner of speaking could be a trend in itself I guess. Maybe someone will listen and dissect a handful of trends! There was certainly a love interest in older analog ways of doing things.

What are the trends you want to stay away from when it comes to your music?

The trends I want to stay away from… Well. Certainly a digital obsession, as far as production and mixing goes. I think it has its place. I do all of my own mixing and engineering, which is why that trend is particularly relevant. I’ve obsessed over the differences; analog and digital and the summing, the compressors, the preamps, the emulations, the hardware versus the software. After a while there are only so many 1’s and 0’s. Not that there isn’t a place for digital integration, it’s a huge part of what I do, but I try to stay “out of the box” as much as possible. I think the anomalies that happen in the ‘real’ and analog realm are much more fascinating. There are things and sounds I did on the EP I could never have done digitally, as far as production goes.

Can you share about your song Going Nowhere? Because we are really digging the track on the EP!

Thank you! Really glad you liked my song Going Nowhere. That was one of the first songs I wrote as Sugar Nap. Lyrically, it’s a very philosophical observation about my own life and others. I think many people, like myself, often get wrapped up in who they should be or who they should date or what they should be doing that they often forget to take the time to be present. I think it’s important to take the time to be present, but not to take so much time that life passes before you. It’s a fine line, and I don’t know that I believe we have a destiny laid before us. I think we make our own, with every decision we make. Then again, make that itself is destiny and fate. I guess. The song was about all of that, in a way.

Can you tell us the genre of music you are most interested in making?

It’s always been hard to pinpoint what genre I am or what I’m interested in being part of. I’m sure it sounds cliche, but I really have a hard time fitting myself in with other genres. I do really appreciate the psychedelic rock bands and independent hip hop, folk and indie artists out there. I think that I would like to incorporate things from those.

Do you think you want to explore other genres?

I always enjoy exploring new and different genres. I think there is always something to learn and find inspiration in, besides just appreciating what other artists are making.

Has your confidence ever been shaken? How did you overcome it?

I think my confidence is shaken often. There are so many incredible songwriters and musicians out there today, and sometimes I don’t know how I could stand a chance. But I remember that what makes them so great (I think) is that they aren’t concerned with how other people perceive them, I think, and they are so unapologetically themselves. I never get too in my head about it, at least not too often, since I’m so into what I’m doing and so content with just doing “me”, but I think it’s important to remember that all of those artists who I look up to are just so in their own vein. They have their influences, but they are into what they’re doing, following their own course, doing their own thing. I remember that, and how I do that myself, and I guess it puts me back on track. Do your own thing, right? Everybody rides their own ride.

Is there anything that is trending right now in music that you're following?

I don’t know if there is anything in particular that’s trending that I’m following. Maybe it’s bad I’m not paying more attention? I do really like the fascination with lo-fi beats and songs. I do love the appreciation for the home studio and what can be done in a bedroom. It’s magic, focusing on the songwriter and the creative engineer.

What are you expecting to conquer next with your music?

Well, this next year, I hope to conquer a solid live presence. I love the studio stuff, but I love playing live so much more. What I love doing is translating my studio stuff to the stage. It’s not the traditional bass, guitar, drums, and vocals. There’s a lot more to it now, and I won’t do backing tracks. I like keeping the live vibe. I like the improvisation, the jam, and the groove of live musicians.

Tell us where we can cheer on more of your success?

Right now my best presence is on Facebook, instagram, Spotify, and my website mailing list ( Follow me there to see the latest updates.

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