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Eva Grace Reminds Audiences That Growth is Something You Should be Proud Of in Her New Single

Since childhood, many of us have been taught to "shake it off" when we get hurt. We aren't admired when we fall to the ground in tears or admit that we are in pain, so we hold it in and try to cope some other way. In her new single, "still cry sometimes", Eva Grace shares that after trying to forget her bad memories with every other available resource, sometimes the most healing thing to do is to allow yourself to cry.

“This song is about the feeling of being with a person who was never there for you in the way you needed," says the alt-pop expressionist. "Whether they're out of your life or not, it’s okay to still feel betrayed by this person. The lingering emotions of past pain are valid, but that doesn’t make them any less painful.”

With simple, metaphorical lyrics Eva reaches out to listeners with a comforting offer in her hand -- a safe place to cry. Though the song is layered with emotion, it doesn't abandon joyous attraction. In fact, strong pop elements are still evident at every measure, making it adaptable to fit a myriad of situations.

Throughout her career Eva has experienced growth in herself and her sound, and it has been showing in her releases. With her perspective and articulation, there is no doubt that Eva will continue to bring beautiful honesty and relatability to the forefront of her discography, reaching even more ears than before.

The styles she has already explored, doubled with her willingness to try a new sound proves that Eva Grace is an artist to keep up with. Keep track of her next steps at the following link:

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