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Drew Smith Reveals The Difficult Truth In Newest Single

Nashville recording artist Drew Smith delivers confessional, “The Truth”

revealing his distraught heart and deepest regrets.

That night in Jackson / I should've come clean / Told ya everything

Instead of all this acting / Like who I wanna be / Instead of who I really am

The opening line paints a picture of the songs narrative; a night in Jackson and the gut-wrenching conviction to come clean. Smith draws in the listener by disclosing his emotions through compelling lyrical content. “The Truth” is a country heartbreak that Drew reveals is “about deep betrayal, personal shame, grief, lies and, yet, also about the realization that you can be the messy person you are and still be wholly loved – if you let people love you.”

Smith shows off his talents as a singer, songwriter, and producer throughout the entirety of “The Truth.” The tracks composition possesses a similar aura to that of Allan Jacksons classic sound. Staying true to the traditional resonate of country music, Smith has the ability to create a radio-playable contemporary twist that the mass of country fans can enjoy.


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