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Having recently signed to Canadian indie record label, Flemish Eye, songwriter Dana Gavanski has unveiled plans for her debut album, Yesterday Is Gone, alongside the brand new single, “Good Instead of Bad.” Yesterday Is Gone is set for release on March 27, 2020 via Flemish Eye.

We love Gavanski's artwork. The blurred background makes her pop out of the frame. Her simple look creates an attention-grabbing effect that leaves the listener wanting to hear more.

Yesterday Is Gone reflects Dana’s aim “to make something bigger, more thought through.” Steeped in determination and uncertainty in equal measure – “I just wanted to write a good song” – the album took shape after she returned from a writing residency in Banff, AB. She left the residency resolved not to worry about her songs being “too obvious.” She’d begun to learn the art of empty time, of being alone with her emotions, losing herself in a landscape. She considered how she might use writing to make sense of her life after the tumults of a break-up and a new city. 

It’s more a mood than a story. The feeling of getting stuck in that divisive, bland judgement of things as one or two dimensional; good versus bad, right versus wrong. It’s an observation of how we get stuck in these ways of thinking. When something isn’t working or you’re losing touch, it’s no longer a question of wrong or right. It’s a lot more subtle and nuanced and depends on each unique situation. 

Dana Gavanski on “Good Instead of Bad


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