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  • Maggie Stuhrenberg

Taylor Swift on the Red Carpet

Its been over 10 years since Taylor Swift stole our hearts with music filled with teenage angst. Taylor began her career with music that every teenager could relate too. Over the years Taylor has grown into not only a mega star that transcends genres but also a fashion icon. Lets take a look back at Taylor Swift's Red Carpet Fashions.


In the early stages of her career, we often saw Taylor in more simple "prom" type dresses, rather than fashionable gowns.


We are starting to see a shift towards more fashionable pieces and daring looks.


At this point in time, Taylor has grown into a real celebrity. Her taste in fashion has completely evolved to more mature pieces.


Taylor definitely keeps it fun, rather than edgy. There is always lots of color and very feminine.


Taylor is finally taking things a little bit more edgy. She is beginning to be a little bit more adventurous with her fashion choices.


Apparently the old Taylor is not dead! Recently we have been seeing her either VERY edgy or VERY flirty. There is no in-between.

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