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  • Annelise Richards

11 Years of Taylor Swift Fashion

Over the course of 11 years, Taylor Swift has become synonymous with the phrase “genre flipping”. As one of the most well-known switches from country to pop in the world, her fashion taste has changed as well. From a southern sweetheart, to a vintage pop queen, to a dark diva, we’ve seen her transform her persona many times. Now let’s reminisce over the old days from “Teardrops on my guitar” to “Look what you made me do” and all the songs and styles in between

Good old 2007 Taylor, so sweet, so young (she’s only 17 here!), so early 2000’s. In the age of the Paris Hilton mini skirt and frosted eyeshadow, Taylor’s corset- yes… a CORSET- is giving us major princess vibes… which makes sense since this is the year before “Love Story” came out. She's just been introduced into the music world and it’s a time to remember.

2008 Taylor is a classic love. “Love Story”, “Mean”, and “You Belong with Me” are easily some of her most iconic songs. This is peak old Taylor in a custom Sandi Spika gown with yet another corset. Not bad for her first Grammys.

2009 Taylor at the VMA’s was about as essential to this list as 2009 Taylor is essential to her own story. This gorgeous Kaufmanfranco dress is now Iconic after her acceptance speech for album of the year, which was quickly interrupted by Kanye West, kickstarting one of the most public feuds in music history.

In yet another Grammys dress, Taylor releases Speak Now, and wears this midnight blue Kaufmanfranco gown to boot. It’s absolutely stunning on her.

Taylor comes off her Speak Now world tour and the world of country as she straightens her once curly hair and dons the pop art persona that lasts up until 2016. Here she is in the last of her princess dresses and gold. After 2011, Taylor begins to don more avant-garde fashion as she changes her style with the new decade to be more grown up.

2012 is Taylor Swift’s moment to coast. After releasing record-breaking album Red, which blends country and pop seamlessly, the 22-year-old star amps up the change by emphasizing her album’s namesake in her wardrobe. Here she’s at the Billboard Music awards in a gorgeous Elie Saab gown. Though she’s shown that she’s grown up quite a bit, she doesn’t chop that iconic blonde hair for another year.

In 2013 Taylor Swift told us that she’s ready to be a new-age pop princess at the iHeartRadio awards. Debuting a new short ‘do and putting major emphasis on the colorblock and candy red, it’s the perfect way to tell everyone you’re the world’s seventh highest-paid artist… soon to be number one.

2014 was the year of foreshadowing for the world’s most famous Taylor. Following a feud with another iconic star, Katy Perry, Taylor released the infamous diss track and accompanying music video, “Bad Blood”, featuring a number of other amazing ladies, including Selena Gomez, Zendaya, and Karlie Kloss. Taylor wore this beautiful Gucci gown in preparation to releasing her most influential album, 1989, later in 2014.

2015 Taylor is probably everyone’s favorite Taylor. Fully embracing the pop and moving from cutesy polka dots on Red to ethereal synth beats on 1989. Arguably her best album, and her best look, this Elie Saab gown is absolutely stunning and really shows how far she’s come.

Where 2015 Grammys Taylor looked like the sunny Caribbean sea in Elie Saab, 2016 Grammys Taylor is angry and determined in Versace. The night came to an explosive conflict stemming from Kanye West dissing Swift in his album “The Life of Pablo”. After winning Album of the Year for 1989. Taylor called him out in her speech for claiming to take credit for her fame and referring to her with slurs in the song “Famous”, which prompted Kim Kardashian West -Kanye’s wife- to reveal that Taylor had known of and endorsed the lyric. It may not have been the best night for our girl, but at least it was one of her best looks, by far.

After the Grammys fiasco in 2016, Taylor took a long hiatus from the red carpet and other public appearances. Enough time for her to write Reputation, date Tom Hiddleston, and redesign her look once more in time for her rebuttal album, Reputation. Here she is at the 2016 Met Gala in a sexy metallic snakeskin dress.

2018 Taylor is mysterious, sultry, and out for revenge. She hasn’t had any red carpet appearances this year, but we’re crossing our fingers for the Grammys 2018 to see what kind of Reputation she’s gonna make for herself.

Taylor Swift has led quite a life, and quite a fashion palette. Leading as one of the most recognizable singers in the world and the highest-paid female artist ever, she’s nothing short of iconic, whether you like her, love her, or hate her. We can’t wait to see what she does, and wears, next.

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