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  • Maggie Stuhrenberg

Dierks Bentley Launches Clothing Line with Flag & Anthem

Flag & Anthem is designed by real guys made for real guys who don’t want the same uniform as everyone else. It’s subtle, smart, and well-made for guys who are confident enough to be themselves. Guys who value hard work but also know how to unwind to have a good time. This line fills the area in-between effortless and relaxed.

It was designed to fill that spot of menswear that lies somewhere between men who don’t want to be victim of bad fashion but also are not connoisseurs of fashion. The perfect mix of classic pieces and comfort for guys who are busy enjoying life to obsess over clothing. Clothing that can express who you are with timeless style and unshakeable integrity all at a fair price. It’s the kind of clothing that you can rock out at a concert, first date, tailgate and still say something about who you are. Flag & Anthem makes classics that are timeless all at a fair price.

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