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"Life’s About to Get Good" when you watch Shania Twain’s new music video!

Shania Twain just released a new music video for her energetic single “Life’s About to Get Good.” This is her debut single off of her upcoming album entitled "NOW" which will be released in late September. It’s been fifteen years since Shania released a full length album, and we are so thrilled that she’s back! “Life’s About To Get Good” acknowledges the end of relationships, but puts a positive outlook on the chance to start over again. Shania sounds and looks great in this video!

Here are some of our favorite looks from the video:

Twain is pictured wearing a flowing yellow and light blue gown paired which a chunky necklace that ties the outfit together. This look perfectly depicts the positive message of the song and the bright future that Shania is envisioning for herself.

Long time Shania Twain fans will get a kick out of this look when viewing her latest music video! This outfit is one that she wore in the video for her iconic single "Man! I Feel Like A Woman." Twain looks just as good in this outfit now as she did 20 years ago!

This final look showcases Twain's natural beauty. At 51, she looks ageless in jeans and a darker jean button up without any accessories.

Please go check out the video for Shania's latest single "Life's About To Get Good" and keep a lookout for her album release!

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