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  • Olivia Milne

5 Makeup Trends for Spring

1.) Pastel Colored Eyeshadow. Pink, light blue, and mauve will compliment your eyes just lovely this spring! Adding some glimmer eyeshadow would also add an extra finishing touch to the look.

2.) Soft Pink Lip. There are many shades of light pink out there, and use that to your advantage! A soft pink lip will compliment the rest of your face, with thin eyeliner line, mascara, and soft pink blush.

3.) Natural Girl. Get the natural look with luminous skin-colored foundation, light blush, a soft brown or nude lip, and glimmered eyeshadow. P.S. You don’t NEED eyeliner to rock your makeup.

4.) Bold colored Lip. Whether it’s red, dark plumb, or hot pink, bold lips are in this spring! Make sure to keep the rest of your makeup light, so that the lips really stand out.

5.) Blush High Up on the Cheekbones. Accentuate your cheekbones by adding the blush on the upper part of your cheek. Brighter blush colors will give you a retro 70’s look!

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