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Country Artist, Nikki Briar with NStyle

NSTYLE How does your music inspire your personal style?

BRIAR Being a Jersey girl who grew up on various genres of music and styles, country rock music is what best defines my style. I enjoy writing songs that are relative to my audience and empowering to women. My new EP entitled AIN'T JUST FOR THE BOYS expresses sassiness in a sexy, rockin way and the lyrics of all 4 songs are about girls having fun. I am a gemini so I have 2 sides and styles when dressing for a performance. Sometimes I am feeling the t'shirt and jeans look or my daisy dukes and cowboy boots and hat look or my rocker dresses and thigh high boots. Either way I go, I always feel comfortable on stage and I love shopping for something new! NSTYLE What is something in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

BRIAR My belts, I love big, blingy belts and accessories for my outfits.

NSTYLE Who are your style inspirations?

BRIAR I really just get inspired based on my mood and what I find at my favorites stores, I created my own style based on that. In the summer I enjoy the SUMMER OF LOVE look with my hippie glasses and fringes and daisy dukes and combining that look with a country twist has been fun, of course I love the attention from it as well!

NSTYLE How do you approach your style/look for music videos and photo shoots?

BRIAR It depends on the location of the shoot and feel I am looking to capture. Many of my photo shoots have been outdoors because nothing is better than nature's lighting and landscapes. We have done beach shoots, farm shoots, a beautiful shoot in the mountains of Pennsylvania and once it snows a winter shoot as well! The one thing I am not big on is makeup! I hate wearing anything more than lip gloss and some eye shadow so for shoots I bite my lip and let the makeup artists do what they have to do!

NSTYLE If you were on the CMA's red carpet, what would you wear?

BRIAR I would wear a fitted black leather dress (fake of course, I am vegan) with an open back and studs or bling on it with some hot shoes that are loud, bright colored like hot pink or red to match my pink and purple ombre hair!


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