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Nashville Boutique: "Revv"

This week, NStyle Country caught up with Laci Bonner, owner of another favorite Hilsboro boutique, "Revv." Laci's journey to Nashville led her to "Revv's" current, gorgeous storefront on 21st Avenue, an area that reminds her of the quaint main street on which her Mena, Arkansas store is located. Revv, her newest boutique concept, is a style combination that both rocker and earthy, with classic Fall must-haves like suede and fringe.

(NStyle Country) Why Nashville?

(LB) I visited Nashville New Year’s Eve for the very first time. I only stayed for a few days, but that’s all it took for Nashville to be on my mind non stop! I loved it (and still do). Within a week, I was back looking for property to put a store and found one spot left in the new Hillsboro Village Hill Center. I felt like the stars had aligned, it all fell into place so easily. I love the village because it feels like home to me…a small cozy and quaint downtown strip that’s very neighborhood-like. I’m from a very small town so this felt very comfortable to me.

(NStyle Country) Which country stars frequently shop Revv?

(LB) We are so new... but Revv is frequented often by Megan & Liz, country duo. They are so sweet and fun to visit with! Liz wore one of our gowns to the Miss America pageant, 6 weeks ago!

(NStyle Country) Does music influence your style and store?

(LB) Our music matches the edgy girls that are walking into the store. We like the rough rock and indie vibes... We love the rock vibes from Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, and Cardboard Kids. Cold War Kids and Glass Animals are fun as well! We love all styles of music but stick with Alternative Rock choices typically. It’s edgy, and catchy like our clothing!

(NStyle Country) Who or what is the style inspiration for the store?

(LB) Honestly—I wanted an industrial feel to the space, but i didn’t want it so ‘industrial’ that it didn’t stand out. I went with clean colors, a neutral palette, and straight lines with the fixtures. I wanted it to feel clean and not cluttered to the eye. There isn’t a lot of art..mainly statement pieces that really catch your attention such as our sign behind the counter, our neon sign above the fitting rooms, and our changeable lightbox in the main display window. I chose to not go crazy with decor as I wanted the clothes to be the main focus of the space.

(NStyle Country) Tell us about your store concept!

(LB) I own another company in Arkansas called The Rage, but knew that here in Nashville I wanted this store to have a different feel and look than what I’d originally created. Not only did I feel like it would be cool to have two different companies catering to two different markets, I looked at it as a challenge. I played around with names like Rebel and Revolution, but then decided that simple is always best and shortened Revolution to Revv. Don’t ask me how I came up with it…ha! I was in my car, on the way back from Nashville, listening to Eric Church’s ‘That’s Damn Rock & Roll’ when that name hit me. But the concept behind this store is definitely to cater to the edgy girls. The ones that want classic pieces, but with a rocker twist or inspiration. I also wanted to keep prices reasonable with an average price point around $50-$60. The main difference between the two stores that I own is the style—The Rage ( is very girly, feminine, flirty and young. Revv ( is grungy, edgy, polished, mysterious yet still sexy.

Check out our live interview with "Revv's" owner, Laci Bonner... coming soon!

Shop "Revv" online at & instagram with @shoprevv

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