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  • Patricia Zubrod

Adley Stump Cover Fashion Review

Adley Stump Album Cover.jpg

By: Patricia Zubrod

Adley Stump's album cover image screams today's style of statement jewelry. Adley's look is just the right mix of jewelry. Pintrest even has it's own section of Adley Stump's Collection which includes all types of bold jewelry and accessories. Bold earrings and statement rings are among the most popular pieces of her style. Her final most popular accessory are bold headbands with plenty of shine. Don't forget the denim style is coming back and Adley pulls off the denim top with jeans well in this image. Not to mention that the background colors help to bring out her image even more. The blue of the pillows brings out the color of both her earrings and shirt while the red images make her rosy cheeks pop even more.

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