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Country Star Kacey Musgraves' Flawless Makeup

"If I wasn't a singer, I think I'd be a makeup artist," says country rocker Kacey Musgraves, 24.

kacey musgraves makeup beauty

So we said: Show us how it's done! Here, Kacey makes up your face.

Musgraves has been performing since she was 8 years old. That's a lot of stage makeup. And she's Texan. So it makes sense that she's got beauty tricks.

Clean Look

"A makeup artist once taught me to do my eyes first. That way the little shadow particles that fall on your face don't dirty up your foundation," Kacey says.

Clear Skin

The best beauty tips can come from unlikely sources: "I get eczema on my arms, and my acupuncturist said to put vegetable shortening, like Crisco, on it. I tried it for a week and the eczema went away. Another time, I had a breakout, so my memaw applied a paste of crushed uncoated aspirin and water. Fifteen minutes later it had shrunk. Swear."

Try It: Sultry Eyes

Nothing says "come to mama" like a smoky eye, but black is played—and a little goth. It's all about the blues! You need two formulas: one cream, the other powder. Cream first; powder on top. "The more you layer, the better it looks," Kacey says.

Try It: Flawless Face

The goal is to look airbrushed without being mistaken for a news anchor. "I'm obsessed with FACE Atelier foundation—it's lightweight but lasts even when I sweat onstage," Kacey says. "But you need to apply it with a foundation brush to get the best coverage."

Try It: Baby-Doll Lashes

Yes, dark shadow is sexy as hell, but without a dramatic fringe it can make eyes look beady. Necessary: Two coats of jet-black mascara on upper and lower lashes. "I use a mascara that forms a tube around each lash, so I never get raccoon eyes," Kacey says. "The tubes slide right off with hot water—no makeup remover needed."

Try It: Naked Lips

Keep all eyes on, well, your eyes and those high-def cheekbones with a nude lip. "I swipe on ChapStick so my lips don't dry up and then a layer of nude lipstick," Kacey says. For a truly barely there look, blend a drop of liquid foundation onto lips first to mute your natural lip color.

Try It: Supermodel Cheekbones

Not a genetic freak? Then do what Kacey does. Fake it! "I brush a matte bronzer from the corner of my mouth to my ear. The dark shade defines my cheekbones. Then I dust highlighting powder from my brow bone to my cheekbone in a C shape to enhance my bone structure," she says. The bigger the brush, the more natural the finish.

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