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  • Lindsey White

Nashville Looked Bright Memorial Weekend at Water Lantern Festival

Nashville’s musical attraction has given musicians and artists a myriad of opportunity to be seen at all kinds of different events. Memorial weekend featured the infamous Water Lantern Festival at Centennial Park where performers sang and played amongst food trucks and lanterns. Performers included Taylor Borton and Sarah Lightman.

Joy and peace was tangible in the park May 28th, as families laid out picnic blankets on the grass and decorated their lanterns under a sunsetting sky. The water was as clear and reflective of the atmosphere as ever. The sounds of the geese begging for scraps could barely be heard over laughter and music. Lines at the food trucks were long, but the entertainment never ceased. Taylor Borton and Sarah Lightman each had impressive shows they graciously shared with the crowd.

Taylor Borton’s soft, folk sound settled over the community peacefully. Her music doesn’t need much embellishment to be beautiful and pleasant, and the lantern festival attendees experienced the magic of it Memorial weekend.

Sarah Lightman’s passion for mental health gave her performance a purpose beyond herself, as she told pieces of her story to inspire and help others. Her music shared advocacy and hope. Her unique voice was unmatched, and the music complimented it flawlessly.

The music could still be felt in the souls of the community, even after it stopped. As the lanterns were lit and released upon glistening water, the darkness was lit up, and the face of the Nashville community was lifted in light.


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