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Mallory Ervin Dives Into the Vulnerable Pieces of Her Life in New Book, “Living Fully”

"I was ready to tell the whole story because I wanted to step into a place of real influence finally with nothing held back, but I’m scared too. I’m nervous that people wanted to just know the shiny story and that once it’s all out there people will prefer the other version" - (Ervins Instagram)

NASHVILLE, TN - From an Amazing Race contestant, to Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin has lived anything but a simple life. The Influencer moved to Nashville permanently 12 years ago and ever since, has continued to build her passion for content creation. Ervin has established a large following across multiple mediums with fans across the globe.

The Nashville influencer announced the release of her book this week which unveils her "whole" story. "Living Fully" highlights her past struggles with addiction and is meant to inspire readers in all stages of life.

Living authentically is something that Mallory takes seriously. She noted in a three-hour interview with the Tennessean, "I can’t talk to you about living fully and be part of any motivation and keep any part of me behind the curtain.” "And I can’t just dance around something so important and what could be so life saving to people,” revealed Ervin.

“Living Fully” may be Ervins first book release, however, the wife and mom makes time for mass content to inspire. Youtube, a podcast, blog, and successful social media pages proves the wife and mama passion for her life.

Malory Ervin will be having a book signing at Green Hills Mall on February 11th, 2-4pm. For more info on the book, visit her website:


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