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We love your music! Tell us what kind of trend you want to make with your music?

I want to make great music that lasts beyond my lifetime. Carrying on the beautiful songs found in the great American Songbook is a passion of mine and gives life to myself, my band, and the listener. It's also incredibly relevant- some of these songs were written 100 years ago! Listen to the verse of "Our Love is Here to Stay" on my New Sounds From The Jazz Age album.

What are the trends you want to stay away from when it comes to your music?

#notpositive I share my joy through my music. I want the listener to find a sense of healing and positivity that comes from knowing yourself and what makes you feel good. This is feel good music. I believe there is enough room for us all to express our music. I’m not into any trend that quenches the spirit. oh- and I'm not into the green nail polish!

Can you tell us the genre of music you are most interested in making?

Creative feel good music that requires both heart and intellect.

Do you think you want to explore other genres?

Why not?! I don’t like limiting myself or the musicians I work with.

Has your confidence ever been shaken? How did you overcome it?

Of course! As a creative and intuitive person I feel deeply. One of my many mottos is *ask questions, don't assume, don’t be afraid and don’t take things personally. I find, as I continue to deepen my self awareness, I am more stable and confident.

Is there anything that is trending right now in music that you're following?

I was thrilled to see Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga perform on Tony’s birthday at the Radio City Music Hall. It was incredible to see a jazz singer performing at 95! Super goals! It also introduced me to Lady Gaga and her great ability to play to her strengths. She is an incredible entertainer. I look forward to seeing the televised broadcast of this and know that I was sitting in the audience soaking up the once in a lifetime experience. I am now interested in seeing Gaga in her Jazz and Piano Vegas show. What about you?

What are you expecting to conquer next with your music?

I have two very exciting things that I am focused on currently. I am working on a new album! I’m in the process of deciding song selection, overall feel and personnel. It’s an exciting time and I love creating and visualizing new music to share with the world. This one is gonna be deep.

The covid lockdown opened a new path for my creativity and I created a jazz lifestyle brand called the Jazz Diva Collection. I designed a fashion line with original contour drawings of the Jazz Divas: Billie, Nina, Ella, and even yours truly. The collection includes loungewear, cinched bags, and scented candles. Imagine this, you come home, put on your Nina loungewear, light the candle “Evening Jazz” , sit back and enjoy the aromas of clove & palo santo while listening to Billie Holiday.

The Jazz Diva collection is fashionable, comfortable and pays homage to the great female artists who shaped the sound that we call Jazz. Visit to view the collection and embrace your inner diva.

“Jazz is about experience. Not just listening, but engaging all the senses—sight, sound, touch, smell and even taste. A glass of bubbly goes well with Jazz, or maybe you’re a scotch man? I tried to bring all of that to the Jazz lifestyle,” Lizzie says.

Tell us where we can cheer on more of your success?

STAY IN TOUCH with Lizzie on & IG @LizzietheJazzSinger

Listen to New Sounds from the Jazz Age

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