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We got to chat with country singer, Arlene Bailey, about her music, Nashville, and upcoming projects

What and who shaped your musical style?

Growing up I used to listen to Karen Carpenter, Crystal Gayle and Tammy Wynette. I fell in love with country music and from the age of 4 I would perform with local bands. I loved Elvis, I listened to Abba but always went back to singing country as that was the style in which I loved to sing. As time went on I took inspiration from Reba, Martina Mc Bride and Shania Twain.

What was it that sparked your love and passion for music?

My parents encouraged me to sing from day one. With the support from them both and the buzz I got from performing I knew it was meant to be. Once I got on stage I didn’t want to get back down so I knew I was on the right career path.

What do you love about the genre of music you create?

Country music always tells a story. Its real life, it pulls on the heart strings and its as honest as the day is long!

What do you feel is unique about you and your music?

I’m Irish but I sing American country. This blend has always been well received by the American audience and I feel very lucky because of it. Maybe it’s the Irish accent that wins them over when I speak! I don’t like to dwell too much on heartbreak, instead I try to encourage and empower my audience with the type of songs I sing with my kicky blend of country and rock.

What is your favourite aspects of your music career?

I love to perform but I also love recording. It’s a real joy to go into the studio and create something from scratch with likeminded musicians. My last album is very precious to me as it really reflects exactly who I am as an artist.

Biggest challenges you’ve faced in your music career?

I think the most challenging aspect was being away from home for up to 6 months at a time when I first went on the road. I was only 17 so for the first few years the travel was tough, I was homesick a lot. I found I had no real social life or proper time with family.

Favorite spot in Nashville?

I’ve got to say the Ryman Auditorium. It’s the holy grail of music venues to me!

A Nashville staple that you can’t get enough of?

I’m a sucker for a cold bottle of beer at Legends Corner! I love to see other artists perform, particularly up and coming ones.

Do you have any new and upcoming projects you’d like to share?

I’m busy promoting the new album so my band and I have lots of gigs lined up in Ireland.

Also myself and a well known Irish actor are going to record a song to raise funds for a mental health charity. 2022 will be a very busy year.


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