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  • Maggie Stuhrenberg

Stars in Kate Spade

As news swept the nation of Kate Spade's death, I couldn't help but to look back upon the great, all-American designer's best accessories. Spade met the needs of stylish young people who needed simple but yet stylish handbags and accessories. Spade was both creative and business minded to take her brand to the new genre of lifestyle brands and fashion. The brand has been favored by just about everyone from country music to actual royalty.

Kate Spade is one of the few brands that you can find in the closets of most women, no matter how famous they are. The definite ready-to-wear atheistic of her brand helped her capture the hearts and minds of women everywhere. Spade's line gives a luxury feel, while still containing staple pieces that will last a lifetime in every closet. If your royalty, a star or a fashionable female, Kate Spade has something for you.

Spade's newest collection continues to fulfill this niche she created for herself long ago. Filled with vibrant shades of yellow and gold the Summer 2018 collection has everything a women on the go could ever dream of.

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