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  • Annelise Richards

10 Things to wear to CMA fest 2018

Everyone loves festival season. The road trip out, the music, the food trucks… it’s an American summer staple. Bonnaroo, Woodstock, and Coachella may own the trifecta of indie, hippie, and pop, but the crown jewel of Country is CMA fest taking over all of Nashville the first week of June. To kick off a full 7 days of guitars, ten-gallon hats, and Carrie Underwood, we’ve compiled a list to help you make the ultimate sing-and-dance-ready CMA fest outfit fit for everyone. From the begrudging hipster coming for moral support of their friend, to the die hard Dolly Parton fan, there’s something for everyone who sets foot in one of Nashville’s venues.

1. Bandana- For keeping hair out of the face, and keeping your skin out of the sun. A bandana is essential for the country look, but still stylish enough to dress up.

2. A worn pair of cowboy boots- to walk down broadway and not blister in the Nashville summer, but to look better than those old sandals you went mudding in three years ago.

3. A long necklace- Everyone likes a good rustic set of dog tags or charms to show you’re a true country fan. They can be delicate and sweet or tough and gritty, either way you’ll still look great.

4. Red-white-and blue- no city is more patriotic than Nashville during CMA fest! Break out the stars and stripes and show our nation some love!

5. Denim- whether it be overalls, shorteralls, or even just a plain pair of comfortable levi’s, denim is never out of style and is always a move in the right direction!

6. Fringe- purses, shirts, and boots galore! Fringe is as much of a staple of country music as guitars and homemade lemonade.

7. Rhinestones- a country festival outfit can’t be complete without at least a little bling! Actually a lot of bling, the more, the merrier!

8. A leather wallet- the bane of all native Nashvillians and tourists alike is those annoying pay parking kiosks, have a sturdy leather wallet with extra cash on hand for any pinch in finding a spot to stop.

9. Plaid- Nothing says Nashville quite like plaid and denim, wear together, always..

10. And finally, a big belt- Southern culture is sweet tea and big belts, substitute with a fanny pack if you’re feeling brave, but make sure it has enough room for an arizona tea or a lucky guitar pick.

From Churchill Downs in Louisville to Peach Park below Birmingham to the emerald-green water and bottlenose dolphins off the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, CMA fest is coming to Nashville, and it’s waiting to show off that good old-fashioned southern hospitality.

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