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  • Delaney Rogers

Ali Stroker vs Kylie Jenner: Disability and Fashion

Kylie Jenner, brings yet again another controversy to the media…. This time it’s due to her Interview Magazine cover shoot in which she is posing in a wheelchair. Ali Stroker, the first Broadway actress in a wheelchair, spoke out against the portrayal of the disabled community in this shoot (to see Ali’s personal statements, check out the interviews below).

In conjunction with You Do You Magazine, Ali proves that feeling powerful yourself can be translated to how other people perceive you. Her high-fashion photos exude strength and confidence, reminding people to, “Feel Free to Stare.” According to Stroker, "It was time for the conversation regarding disability and sexuality to happen," and this photoshoot and interview are a great start for this long-awaited debate. Check out Ali’s full photoshoot and interview,



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