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Two country legends team up on “Does He Love You” for first ever duet

“Every time I’d hear Dolly doing a duet with somebody else, I would get a little sad or a little jealous, like, “I want to do a duet with Dolly.” - Reba

Even if you are not at all familiar with the country music scene, there are a few names in the industry that you’ve probably heard. Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton are two of these names that simply cannot be forgotten. The female country superstars paired up for a duet of Reba’s “Does He Love You” - a collaboration released as part of Reba’s new project, Revived Remixed Revisited. The triple album revisits some of her greatest hits which reflects the positive impact on Reba’s career.

The pair brought the song to life with the release of a music video that closely follows the storyline of the hit. The video, filmed at Ruby’s Jazz Room in Nashville, features Reba as the girlfriend and Dolly as the mistress. The video is set in a smokey bar with the two confronting the situation at hand.


I’ve known about you for a while now.

When he leaves me he wears a smile now.

As soon as he’s away from me,

In your arms is where he wants to be.


But you’re the one he rushes home to

You’re the one he gave his name to.

I never see his face in the early morning light.

You have his mornings, his daytimes,

And, sometimes, I have his nights.

The two long-time friends joked on twitter that neither have the greatest taste in men

The video closely represents the songs original music video, yet, Reba noted in an interview with Billboard the twist. “It's kind of like, ‘I know you. You know me. We're adults.’ Whereas when I did it with Linda, that was mid-‘90s, and it was like catfight city. Now it’s like, ‘I don't like him. Do you like him? You can have him.’ So it was totally different. It was confrontation, but not hatred.”

Reba also announced on her twitter over the weekend that there will be behind the scenes footage released because “I know it was a ton of laughs on set.”


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