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The Highway Women Release Female Empowerment Anthem "God Made Me Right"

The Highway Women released their new single "God Made Me Right" on January 10th, 2020.  The single features Highway Women, Heather Harper, Kristen Kae, Amanda Pruitt & Drew Haley.

The cover for "God Made Me Right" stands for women empowerment as all members of the Highway Women hold hands in harmony. Their outfits choices are great, showing that although they are all different, they work perfectly together. The neon lettering glows against the white background in the most perfect way.

Highway Women Owner, Jill Pavel said, "To the entire Highway Women family, this is not just another single, this was a labor of love.  It is our love song to the girls and women who follow The Highway Women. The media and social media puts an enormous amount of pressure on young girls to look airbrushed, flawless and perfect. Our last single  "Stand Up and Fight" was about going after your dream without fear.  Our goal with this single is to inspire young women to value themselves and their worth every time they look in the mirror. We are excited for the world to hear and see our vision come to life."

The amazing vocal talents of each band member of the Highway Women is unique and showcases how true beauty, strength, and talent in diversity can come together in beautiful harmony.  Highway Woman Drew Haley says, "When we love and accept ourselves we are more loving and accepting of others. This song is about celebrating our differences and what makes us unique and beautiful in every way! I hope every woman and girl out there who hears our song feels empowered."

The Highway Women continue to showcase their passion, mission and talent with a song that delivers a powerful, positive & empowering message for women and girls everywhere.

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