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  • Jamison Costolnick

Sharing Christmas Tradition with Andy Ross

Once again our American Rebel, Andy Ross, is here with a track encapsulating all that keeps his traditional spirit alive. This seasons focus? The Christmas Spirit. With the season slowing down, Andy sings “Make Christmas Great Again” with time to look around and fondly recall all the memories of traditions past. Whether it be the pie, carols, or tree, each aspect of the Christmas spirit is held close to his heart, and no matter the conditions, it is his priority to encapsulate and spread just that.

On the track, Andy sings, “Now it’s all about what’s on special, who gets what and Black Friday Brawls” illustrating the shift of the focus from all things personal, to nothing less than the materialistic. More importantly, resisting the erasure of such traditions and the simpler things of the season.

“Good will towards Men meant somethin’ back then, now the spirit is all but gone,” touches on the filtering of such Christmas values and wishes that can apply to all communities regardless of what they follow. Singing, “Now they wanna call it Winter Holiday, but that ain’t what it is to me” further illustrates the desire to spread positive sentiment with the traditions and spirit of Christmas.

You can listen to his Christmas wishes for all at the following link: and keep up with all-sides of Andy Ross at his website: and any of his socials below.

Instagram: @andyrossrebel Facebook:

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