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Listen to Cowboy Troy's New Single "Gonna Be Alright"

Buckle in and enjoy the ride with Cowboy Troy’s new single 'Gonna Be Alright'. The cowboy is no stranger to please his fan with his country/hip-hop style and once again does not miss with his brand new single. If you ever feel like life is not working in your favor, grab a donut, take a deep breathe and jam out to this song. “Take a deep breathe” because it really is “gonna be alright” in the exact words of Cowboy Troy himself. This is the perfect track to throw a cookout to with a group of friends and just let loose.

Cowboy Troy has been in the scene for quite sometime now. He was one of the first artists to incorporate hip-hop into his country music as a cowboy aesthetic. At the time, these two genres didn’t always flow together but Cowboy Troy proved that it could be done. If you love chilling around in the house and want to pop on some hick-hop, this track is perfect for you.

Not only does Troy love making others happy with his music, he loves feeding others as well. Believe it or not, Cowboy Troy is a magnificent chef. He can cook an exquisite meal, full of an abundance of flavor that will wipe you off your feet. Cook the juiciest burger or pick the sweetest donut and dance along to his new tune 'Gonna Be Alright' out now!

Learn more about Cowboy Troy on and follow his Instagram @Cowboytroyglobal


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