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  • Casey Buckley

Kelsea Ballerini + Fletcher Star in "Better Version" Music Video

Country sensation Kelsea Ballerini joins pop artist Fletcher in their new music video for “Better Version”, capturing the perspectives of both stars going through heartbreak. Ballerini and Fletcher connect with each other as they express raw emotion while experiencing the highs and lows of a relationship. Both icons have been in the spotlight with their recent public heartbreaks, bringing the vision to life with their authentic experiences. The cinematic story portrays two different love stories that both result in grief and share similarities.

The video showcases Kelsea Ballerini and her partner moving into their first home together only for it too slowly implode, while Fletcher experiences a similar circumstance. Tumultuous endings leave both women to navigate the struggles of sorrow on their own. The end of the cinematic video has both artists sitting next to each other at a diner as the touching lyrics “Now some other person is gonna get the better version of me” play. Lots of emotions played a role in the making of the music video tying in together beautifully with the heartfelt ending with growth and maturity.

Check out the "Better Version" music video below:


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