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Drew Ryder Smith: The EP

Country music artist and award-winning songwriter Drew Ryder Smith has finally released his long-awaited EP into the world. Made available on May 30, the self-titled EP contains seven refined county-rock tracks. With explosive instrumentals and Smith’s powerful voice, there is no doubt the EP will satisfy its listeners.

Drew Ryder Smith's EP contains rosy, casual and melancholy tracks all which are supplemented with Smith's incredible lyrics. He tackles numerous yet familiar topics which are weaved into his tracks. Interpreting different stories within his songs, from heartbreak to heartache and messing up to just messing around. Smith is able to present catchy and electrifying tracks with relatable messages.

Of his seven tracks, five have been previously released whereas, "Damn Babe" and "Free" are new to the world. "Damn Babe" is a rustic lined country-rock track telling the story of a breakup. With powerful vocals, spectacular guitar riffs, and an excellently produced track, "Damn Babe" is a truly moving song. "Free" inhabits the same country-rock tune with splotches of a red dirt but focuses on letting go. As opposed to "Damn Babe", the track focuses on the future and not the past. Although a song still filled with yearning, Smith lets his past lovers run free and out of his mind.

An award winning songwriter and distinguished producer, Smith inhabits the line between rock and country taking everything that is good in each and combining it into his own. You can get a taste of Smith's tracks in his EP now available on all streaming platforms. To learn more about Smith visit his website at To stay updated with Smith follow him on his socials!


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