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  • Maggie Hairston

Drew Ryder Smith Sends Message Of Staying True To Self With “Free”

Drew Ryder Smith's song "Free" resonates deeply with the idea of staying true to oneself in the face of external pressures and desires for material gain. The lyrics depict the struggle between personal authenticity and the allure of wealth and success. The protagonist confronts the dilemma of pursuing their artistic dreams while dealing with the partner's expectations for a life of opulence. The song's narrative beautifully illustrates the significance of remaining genuine and steadfast in the pursuit of one's passions, even when societal or relational pressures push for more.

The song's verses capture the tension between dreams and financial realities, highlighting the sacrifices required to chase ambitions. In the chorus, Smith emphasizes the commitment to their true identity, symbolized by playing the guitar and wearing worn-out jeans. This emphasis on staying grounded in one's genuine self becomes a powerful anthem for authenticity. The repeated declaration that "you could've got that for free" reinforces the notion that love and sincerity should never be overshadowed by material gains.

At its core, "Free" underscores the value of inner fulfillment over external appearances. The lyrics convey that the pursuit of material wealth, while alluring, can't replace the authenticity of staying true to one's passions. Drew Ryder Smith's "Free" serves as an inspiring anthem for anyone navigating the balance between personal authenticity and the external pressures of a society that often values material gain over genuine self-expression.

Listen to "Free" on Youtube here!

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