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“Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathin’” - Fourth-Seed Underdogs DRX take the Summoner’s Cup

Fourth-Seed Underdogs DRX take the Summoner’s Cup at this year’s League of Legends Worlds Championship, living up to this years, “STAR WALKIN’” anthem unlike any other!

The anthem that would soon accompany the fourth-seed underdogs DRX as they raise the Summoner’s Cup at the conclusion of this year’s League of Legends Worlds Championship, on the night of November 5, the lyrics repeated by Lil Nas X, “Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathin’” took on a meaning of their own.


This past Saturday, South Korean Teams, T1 and DRX took the stage at the Chase Center to face off in a close 3-2 match to crown this years League of Legends World Champion.

Starting off the night with a performance of, “STAR WALKIN’”, the anthem created by Lil Nas X for this years Championship Series, no one would have guessed the significance the lyrics “Don’t ever say it’s over if I’m breathin’” would have taken on by the end of the night.

The performance production alone was enough to raise the energy of the audience. Special effects, elaborate costuming, and an array of dancers accompanying Nas, T1 and DRX as they approach the finals stage in competition, “STAR WALKIN’” quickly transported audiences to the world of the game they had all gathered to spectate.

And this match was about to become one to remember.

At the start of the night, T1 were the favorable seed, having won an astonishing three World Championships in the past. Unlike their opponent, this was the first time DRX have ever found themselves on the Worlds Finals stage, having gone only as far as Quarterfinals in the past. However, having produced a 3-2 series, the odds had taken quite the turn for the underdogs by match five. Many bet T1 would come out victorious, as the reasons for their consistent victories shined throughout five game series against DRX. With beautiful plays from teammates like Oner and Keria, and a last-minute seize of three barons from their opponent, their strategy was strong. However, DRX player, Deft, had 10-years of craving behind him in anticipation for this years Finals series and he wasn’t going to let such go. Coming in at the fourth-seed spot, his team may have been marketed as the underdogs against second-seed team T1, however he was not going to settle for any other outcome than him and his teammates coming out on top. In a close fifth match, tied 2-2, players Faker, Oner, Deft, Zeka, and Kingen, were not shying away from a fight. Giving it their all, it was evident each team wanted it as bad as the other. However, as we all know, only one may come out on top and as DRX charged into the base of T1, elder-dragon in hand, the most difficult climb to the top from any League of Legends team so far, had come to a conclusion. DRX, made up of players Kingen, Pyosik, Zeka, Deft, and BeryL, were crowned the 2022 League of Legends Worlds Champions. Paving a path that was completely their own, it was an emotional conclusion of a night filled with tough opponents and high energy. Although many would have said it was over before it started, DRX proved that as long as they were still breathin’ they had as just as good a chance to be STAR WALKIN’ towards the Summoner’s Cup at the end of the night as T1 did. Every year the League of Legends Worlds Finals creates a spectacle for millions to tune in and observe some of the best Esports plays of the year. However, with a story such as this one, accompanied with the perfect anthem for the narrative of the night, this year was unforgettable. One thing is for sure, whoever is elected to perform/produce next years anthem, better start crafting one amazing narrative, because this one will be hard to beat. Watch the Opening Ceremony Performance of STAR WALKIN’ here:


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