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Bones and Estell make their debut on the cover of "Nashville Lifestyles Magazine"

Bobby Bones and Caitlin Estell make their debut in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine as the first couple to be featured on the cover of “25 Most Beautiful People.”

Photo by Robby Klein

Every year, Nashville Lifestyle celebrates the people who make Nashville a more beautiful place by releasing an issue, “25 Most Beautiful People.” The lineup is full of nominees that could be anyone from white-collar business people, to professional athletes, or anything in between. This year, Country radio host Bobby Bones and influencer Caitlin Estell made the cover as the first couple ever to take on the front page.

The Nashville couple rocked the cover with their incredible style and synchronized outfits. In the article, they go on to talk about their “beautiful love story” that developed in our charming city. They met through mutual friends in L.A and stayed in contact via Instagram DMs. Eventually this led to a date, and the rest is history. The couple remained long distance until Caitlin decided to visit Nashville to spend some quality time together during lockdown.

Photo by Hannah Hall

Eventually, she made the permanent move from L.A or Nashville. The two became engaged in October and married in July. In an interview with Lifestyles, Caitlin expresses “I just have such a sense of peace with him,” she says. “There’s no doubt in my mind that he’s the one for me. I attribute that to God saying, ‘This is your person.’ We grew up three hours apart— didn’t know each other, but so close that we have so many of the same core values. But then we’ve also both moved off and gathered other life experiences. I just feel like we’re rooted in a lot of the same things.”

The two have settled down in Nashville and enjoy the simplicity of quality time together. “I have a joke in our house which I don’t think he loves, but it’s like, ‘I didn’t marry Bobby Bones. I married Bobby Estell,’” says Caitlin. “I don’t want to spend the night with Bobby Bones tonight. I want to be with you. I don’t want to talk about the show tomorrow, or I don’t want to talk about work stuff. I just want us to be a normal husband and wife that live together in Nashville. it’s not a career-centric world, it’s a newlywed- centric world where we’re trying to put our roots down.”


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