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No Saint by Lauren Jenkins

On Friday, March 15, country songstress Lauren Jenkins released her newest album, No Saint. This is her debut album released under Big Machine Label Group. The album offers insight into real life; she really pours her heart out into the songs. Tracks like "Maker's Mark And You" and "Running Out Of Road" offer beautiful stories about love and heartbreak. While the songs "All Good Things" and "Pay Day" dish out a relatable truth with a catchy upbeat flare.

Giving a nod towards Beyoncé's Lemonade, along with the release of this album, Lauren also released first look videos for a selection of her songs and a trailer for the short film she released on March 22 in conjunction with the album.

The short film is written and directed by Lauren Jenkins and Cole Smith. Titled after her song "Running Out Of Road", it has been selected for the Roswell Film Festival. The film is available on Amazon Music and now available on YouTube. In the film, the protagonist (Lauren Jenkins) is trying to figure out her life, how it all fits together and where it is going. Through her music, she is able to create a map and realize that she's running out of road in her relationship that she's in.


Check out the album here:

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