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  • Olivia Milne

10 Ways to Handle A Break Up, Country Style

Sometimes there isn’t a right or wrong way in how to deal with a breakup, but we have some tips for you in case you need some uplifting advice from our favorite country celebrities.

  1. Look Hot. Just because you are going through a break up, it doesn’t mean you have to take off the stilettos, according to Kellie Pickler. In her song, “Red High Heels,” a break up should be all the more reason to look as fashionable as ever! Look fabulous and make that person regret the break up.

  2. Clean out. Get rid of all the things that remind you of the relationship, like pictures, letters, and t-shirts. Miranda Lambert leads the perfect example in her song “Baggage Claim.”

  3. Write down your pain. Whether it’s writing a song or writing in a journal, it’s good to express your feelings on paper. Seems to work for Taylor Swift!

  4. Have a girls/boys night. Distract yourself with the friends you love and have a night out! Whether it’s a movie night, live music at your favorite bar, or shopping; caring friends are the best therapy. This would be a good time to jam out to Lady A’s “Bartender.”

  5. Work Out! It is really good to release all that negative energy and frustration by working out and going for a run. Jam to an awesome country playlist and work up a sweat! Trust me, it works.

  6. Turn off the phone. Like the saying goes, “out of mind, out of sight.” Don’t be tempted to text your ex, it’s good to have that time to yourself for a week.

  7. Messin’ with the wrong woman! Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert likes to go to the extremes. Slash the tires, bust the windows, load the gun…a little drastic that may get you into trouble, however, there is nothing wrong with fighting back with witty comments.

  8. Chocolate and Ice Cream. Eat up, cause sometimes eating sweets just makes you feel good. Don’t make it a reoccurring trend every night, but a night of splurging while watching Netflix, makes for a good night.

  9. Create a break up playlist. It is sometimes helpful to find relatable songs and listen to them over and over again on repeat. Some goodies are Taylor Swift’s “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now,” Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats,” and Sam Hunt’s “Break Up In A Small Town.”

  10. Take this time for yourself. Mending the heart takes a lot of time, but the single life can be pretty fun. Being strong and independent is sexy, and you will be all the more ready for the next relationship if you are strong in your own identity.

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