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  • Patricia Zubrod

Daddy Made a Million: Father's Day Special

James Robert Webb's music video for "Daddy Made a Million" is full of popular styles. From the furniture and lighting to the clothes and accessories, James looks great and presents a fantastic video. Throughout the video James is rocking a dark look with a black leather jacket, dark jeans and even black boots. James has just the right amount of accessories to go with this outfit as well. James is wearing a cross necklace, layered bracelts and a ring that are just enough to complete the outift. This is a great look for the accents in the rest of the video as well. The bright lighting and light colored chair make the dark clothing pop and draws more attention to the focus, James himself. The lights in the video give it just a touch of the vintage feel but not too much giving the video the perfect amount of lighting. Overall, the style and look of this video gives the perfect example of NStyle that is popular today!

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