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  • Patricia Zubrod

Klassika Doesn't Want To Miss A Thing

Covering songs that first belonged to earlier artists has always been popular in the music industry dating way back. This theme isn't changing any time soon, which has been proven by the great song, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing that has continued to make an appearance in the music industry again and again over the years. Making its first appearance in 1997, I Don't Want to Miss a Thing was one of Aerosmith's top five songs throughout their career. Not too long after, country star Mark Chesnutt put his own twist on the song I Don't Want to Miss a Thing. Giving his version the country tune proved to be just as successful as the song was the first time around. However, that isn't where the song ended.

Klassika, a new popera group, has also created a fantastic cover for this historic song. Now for starters, you might be asking yourself, what is popera? Well it's just what it sounds like, pop opera. The group recreates songs with a mixture of pop and opera to create this new interesting sound. I Don't Want to Miss a Thing is again, nothing short of a popular hit. One of the magical things about this time around is the different octaves that are hit throughout the song. It isn't your typical song but a more advanced version showing just how talented the group, Klassika, is when it comes to the opera half of their genre. That's not all that this group has to offer in their albums though. Since popera is considered a crossover genre, they also explore into the land of Christian Crossover hits and recreate popular songs such as Hallelujah like you have never heard before. Klassika goes on as far as performing some songs in Spanish which is once again an incredible sound with their mixture of pop and opera. Along with singing, the group also seems to address style in their own way.

Klassika's style could be said to follow one of their musical influences in the sense that they have their own look. Steven Tyler, a Nashville resident has always had quite the style of his own. Ranging from colorful, to all black and wild outfits as some would call them. Although some think Tyler's style was a little too far out there, it always kept people talking and of course interested in what he would wear next. Klassika also seems to have a style all of their own as well. Their album cover especially has quite the fashion statement as they appear in edgy, vintage clothing surrounded by a forest. The vintage looks appears to be the signature of the group since at least one member of the group always has some sort of vintage look. Images from their performances show they can also give the elegant look a vintage touch as well. Jolanda's dresses seem to always bring back their signature look with either a vintage pattern or fringe whether that is in a edgy or elegant setting. Chris and Clint are no exception here either. The guys' suits or tuxes have things that also bring back the vintage feel with either their unique folds in the jacket, bow ties or hats that accessorize the outfit. You can also see the group in elegant all black and white clothing as they perform a set which only proves that this group knows how to style according to what they feel best suites the situation. Fashion and music always go together but even better is when those performing the music can coordinate their fashion accordingly and appropriately. Although Klassika may not have a style as different and independent as Steven Tyler, they do seem to be doing their own thing in the fashion sense when it comes to their album cover work. With their classic sound of pop music mixed with their vintage style, Klassika is an interesting group to keep an eye on. As they work their way into the music industry with this new genre of music who knows what else we can expect to see from them.

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