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The Taylor Swift Guide To An Impossibly Polished Post-Gym Look

Taylor Swift's post-workout style game does not make sense. Sure, there are plenty of people who shower at the gym, bring a cute change of clothes, and have their bodyguard hold their gym bag swipe on a bit of makeup before facing the real world. We, on the other hand, head out the door after a particularly challenging yoga sesh without an outfit change and still sporting a hard-earned tomato-face as we rush home, where we don't need to wear flip-flops to take a shower.

So, Swift's "candid," "off-duty," leaving-the-gym photos never cease to amaze us. Is this the look of someone who just finished a kettlebell workout? Do we need a new #workedoutlikethis hashtag to categorize anyone who can remain this polished and burn calories? Perhaps. But, for now, we think we've cracked Swift's sweat-proof style.

tswift 2.jpg

If given the choice between skin-tight clothes or no clothes at all after the gym, we may have to choose the latter. Give us loose, light, and nothing that requires squeezing. Seen here in an easy, flimsy onesie, Swift knows what we're talking about. Plus, in classic black, the outfit looks like it took more effort than it likely did. No wonder she's smirking.

tswift opener1.jpg

Swift is a clever lady. She has us thinking she's a fan of hair accessories, and all the while she's just pulling the wool over our eyes. We've done the whole "look at this pretty bow instead of my sweaty head!" routine before, and yes, it works quite nicely.

tswift 3.jpg

Leggings may not always equal pants. But, in Taylor's case, the two become one for the sake of post-workout style. While it's hard to tell if these are in fact spandex or a cropped, twill trouser with some stretch, no one will even realize if you're still wearing your gym clothes when you have a unique, origami-folded top to draw attention away.

tswift 4.jpg

Heels. Simply, heels. If we see someone managing to gracefully hobble around in sky-high stilettos after a sweat session, we automatically assume they've got it together. Besides, our sneakers could never tuck away in that handbag. Well played, Taylor.

tswift 5.jpg

This pastel skirt and tee ensemble could pass for an adorable tennis two-piece — maybe this is the songstress while working out. Actually, we may have been going about this all wrong. With the signature red pout, tanned legs, and yet more heels, the secret to her post-gym-perfect look might just be Tay’s always-perfect look. Well, can't say we didn't try.

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